Civil Service: Arrived 12 August 1981 at U. S. Army Japan (USARJ) Head-quarters. Worked in Resource Management (RM) DIV, USARJ for 3 years (Management Analyst).
   Switched to G3, Exercise Division in 1985 as GS-11, Exercise Planner
(Developed North Wind Exercise).
  Switched to Exercise Support Division in 1986 as GS-12 Exercise Plans
Specialist (worked on Yama Sakura Command Post Exercise and six other exercises, including Cold Weather Exercise North Wind). Placed heavy
emphasis on 5 Year Overseas Deployment Training (ODT) Plan, 5 Year Exercise Scheduling (EXSCHED) Plan, Recurring Reports and Miscellaneous (Bilateral
Training Study Panel, Exercise briefings, etc.)
  Permanent change of station, (PCS) to Gremany, 1 January 1987- worked RM Div., 21st Support Command, Kaiserslautern. PCS to Japan 2 December 1987
to work in G3 Ex. Division, Exercise and Military Plans. PCS to Fort
McPhearson, Georgia on 3 January 1999 as Millitary Plans Specialist for U.S. Army Reserve Command, G1, Personnel.
Retired from U.S. Federal Civil Service on 30 September 1999 and moved to California semi-retired.Worked part-time at College of the Desert as Instructional Support Assistant (ISA) in the Writing, Reading, Language, Math and Computer Laboratory. Fully retired on March 22, 2013.

About the Author
Dennis W. Lid served in the U.S. Army Infantry, Airborne and Special Forces worldwide during peace and war for over 20 years. Major Lid retired in 1980. He then worked abroad for the U.S. Department of Defense Civil Service for 19
years as a Management Analyst, a Military Plans Specialist and as an Exercise
Plans Specialist. Freelance writing, reading and motorcycling have been the
favorite passions of his life. He is previously published in several online and
offline publications around the world.

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